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The struggle with drugs and substance addiction is real, and it takes away the joys of your life and immerses you in perpetual darkness. But our dedicated team of doctors and medical experts are here to elevate you from that state of despair with our top-of-the-line addiction treatment and recovery programs.

Our holistic approach to addiction recovery is buoyed by our team of excellent doctors and counselors who have pledged to brighten your lives. With the most excellent equipment and medical technologies, we probe into your issues and determine its nature. The doctors then implement medical and therapeutic methods to help you combat your substance addiction and any other co-occurring symptoms and embrace blissful life.


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Emergency Services

Our facilities are well-equipped to cater to every kind of medical emergency that might arise...

Premium Facilities

We boast of superlative facilities that are fully equipped with advanced instruments...

Quality Staffs

Our team of doctors, counselors, medical experts, and non-medical staff have taken an oath to...

Appropriate counseling

We have made it a practice to determine the nature and extent of the problems faced by the...

Holistic support

The doctors and medical professionals at our facilities continually monitor the patients. This round-the-clock supervision...

Aftercare services

We understand that addiction recovery is a lifelong journey, so our services do not terminate after the completion...

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Mission & Vision Statement

We implement a multi-modality approach to explore the conditions plaguing the patient and then use the advanced treatment options bolstered by medication and therapy to propel their recovery.

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Our Mission

We provide medical services par excellence that identifies the pitfalls you have been encountering and offer effective measures to overcome them.

Vision Statement

Our objective is to empower the patients by restoring their mental resolve and jointly ushering them in a path of joy and positivity. We wish to create healthy coping mechanisms so that they can maintain their sobriety and overcome substance dependence.

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Happy Patients & Clients

We have already served numerous patients and clients who have quite a lot to speak about our services.

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John Davis

CEO at Chemtronics Pvt Ltd

I never knew I could pull my son out of the clutches of chronic substance abuse. Thanks to the excellent team and facilities at Drughelp, my son is back to living a healthy life as a smart and successful gentleman.


Nathan Ake

Manager at ADM Gas Projects Company

The struggle with drug abuse was real, and it had utterly demolished my life and relationships. But with the superb support of Drughelp, I am making headways with my life, job and relations again.


Philip Diaz

Social Worker

Chronic abuse of opiates and opioids had ruined my relationship with my family and their status in the community. With the support of Drughelp, I have defeated my substance addiction and am back to helping people in my community.


Catherine Werdum


My life and career were virtually destroyed when I couldn’t battle with stress at the workplace and turned to abuse prescription medication. But Drughelp came to my aid and pulled me out of the darkness, and I am back to wowing people with my performance at work.