A Thorough Diagnosis that Improves the Success Rate of Treatment:

Drug addiction and drug addicts are often at the receiving end of stigma, contempt, and hatred. The patients of substance abuse are often rated as criminals. Therefore, the earlier medical systems to treat drug addiction have been quite biased and shrouded under misconception and assumptions.

Drug addiction treatment was mostly based on prognosis and approximations rather than a diagnosis. Hence, the number of recovered patients dwindled. But we combine the latest advancements in medical science and technology to diagnose the deep-rooted problems in our patients' minds that trigger drug addiction. We understand that drugs and substance addiction is not the cause of complications; rather it is the result.

The diagnosis often leads us towards unresolved trauma, suffering, stress, or other co-occurring mental health disorders. Once we can address these issues through counseling, cognitive and behavioral therapy, and support, treating drug addiction becomes easier. When we find out the troubles that have precipitated drug addiction, we can devise personalized treatment plans for our patients. Our customized treatment plans capitalize on the patients' individual needs and problems and drive them towards long-lasting recovery.

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Happy Patients and Clients:

Our prolific services and medical attention have come to the assistance of patients all over the country. We have already treated several patients successfully who want to share their invaluable experience.

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