Avoiding A Recovery Rut Could Help You Sustain Your Sobriety:

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Amidst the raging viral pandemic, which is now proliferating with the newest mutated strains, an old, unseen evil looms. This evil is the drug pandemic that has grasped countries and continents. In America, it is one of the oldest and the vilest of epidemics. The drug epidemic continues to claim several lives irrespective of their genders, age, and ethnicities.

Drug addiction treatment centers near me report individuals of every age group and gender being affected by substance abuse and drug addiction. The ray of hope is the rise of maintenance medication like Suboxone and Sublocade. It is fortified by the continuous growth of research and implementation of newer techniques like cognitive-behavioral therapy, interpersonal therapy, group therapy, art therapy, etc., which have given a possibly better way of living for these patients.

Substance abuse therapy comes in many forms, and the one-size-fits-all approach is being shunned, and personalized treatment plans are being introduced. Though these therapies are going great guns, the brain is a very complex instrument to comprehend. It starts playing tricks, and the recovery is hindered. Let’s shed light on one of those hindrances in this blog.

Recovery Rut:

What is it?

How does it happen?

Is it real?

Let’s find out.

When a patient who is plagued by drugs and substances for a prolonged period seeks refuge in treatment, it is a very daunting task indeed. Your life is going to change totally. Although it is for the best, change is scary to some. Breaking the everyday routine of drug abuse and stepping into one of the drug addiction treatment centers is the first and most potent step towards recovery.

But then you are gradually guided across the recovery process in a variety of ways. These ways depend on the nature and extent of substance abuse and the possibility of co-occurring psychological disorders. From Medication-Assisted Treatment to Inpatient Rehabilitation, from a 12-step program to counseling, these recovery methods vary.

Whatever be the method, you are always thrown into a sea of changes. Your life is filled with support group meetings, therapy, exercise, and other activities that usher in a new way of living. You accept these changes wholeheartedly and move forward, expecting more unique things along the way.

Recovery is a lifelong journey. Substance abuse centers near me are filled with medical experts who say the same thing. So it is very easy to get demotivated and lose sight of your ultimate goal of lifelong sobriety. Once you have successfully integrated various techniques and coping mechanisms into your life, the initial excitement of sobriety begins to subside.

This effect that the initial excitement of sobriety creates is known as the ‘Pink Cloud.’ The silver lining starts fading out.

You find yourself caught in a rut.

There are times you find it less motivating to continue this journey. Your enthusiasm levels drop. This is the ‘Recovery Rut,’ and studies have proved that it is real.

Why do you need to deal with the Recovery Rut?

The answer is pretty simple. For the same reasons that you need to build a boundary and prevent triggering circumstances. Yes, the Recovery Rut could be slowly planting the seeds of relapse within you. It won’t be long till you start getting the relapse triggers. Substance abuse centers report several patients who had maintained long-term abstinence caught in the rut and encountering recovery roadblocks. This is why it is mighty important to deal with the Recovery Rut.

substance abuse therapy near me

How to deal with the Recovery Rut?

 We have presented some of the proven ways to deal with the Recovery Rut. But according to the professionals providing substance abuse therapy near me, you have to correctly identify when the rut sets in until it becomes too late. While you can practice the following tips, improvising and making a tailor-made way for yourself is also a possibility.

Practice mindfulness:

Practicing mindfulness is one of the oft-preferred ways to deal with the rut. Be mindful and listen to yourself. Dive deep within yourself and seek the origin of this rut. Once you find it, you can cure it on your own. Hence, mindful and therapeutic techniques like yoga and asanas help.

Practice self-care:

Specialists offering substance abuse therapy and counseling say that recovery involves learning about yourself and practicing the simple gestures of loving yourself and others. Self-care is an essential part of recovery. You should not only nourish yourself with healthy food and exercise, and sleep regularly, but you should have enough time to recharge and rewind. You can also try alternate self-care activities that are more relaxing, like taking a warm bath, reading a book, or going for a walk with your pet.

Practice writing a gratitude list:

When life gets busy, we forget the subtle things. We take life for granted. Writing a gratitude list reminds us of the bigger and smaller details of life we should be thankful for. These will eventually help us put the more challenging aspects of our daily lives into perspective.

Practice helping others:

One of the best ways to escape a recovery rut is to serve someone else. Once you have maintained sobriety for quite some time, you are in a position to help others who might be struggling to find solid ground. Remember this; service keeps you sober!

Summing up:

According to the best minds offering substance abuse therapy near me, a recovery rut is an increasingly common phenomenon among patients in recovery for a prolonged period. It is crucial to introduce some of the necessary changes to avoid being gripped by this phenomenon.

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