How is Rational Emotive Therapy or REBT helpful in substance addiction recovery?

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The two most important steps which are absolutely essential for a person struggling to overcome substance addiction are safely going through detox with the assistance of a specialist and receiving therapeutic treatment in a rehabilitation program. Rehabilitation programs provide therapy in a myriad of forms depending upon the necessities of the patient.

Some of the most commonly practiced forms of therapy include 12-step-based group work, cognitive behavioral therapy, and multidimensional family therapy. Rational Emotive Behavioural Therapy or Rational Emotive Therapy or REBT is one of the earliest recognized modes of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy used to rehabilitate substance abusers. A lot of clinics are using REBT as an effective method for drug abuse counseling near me.

What is Rational Emotive Behavioural Therapy?

Rational Emotive Behavioural Therapy is a short-term approach to behavioral treatment that directly affects negative behaviors and beliefs to lead a healthy and stable life. Many substance abuse recovery centers near me successfully implement REBT to treat patients with a history of substance abuse.

It is a specialized form of psychotherapy where the therapist helps the patient focus on his present state, analyzing the current emotional distress or behaviors detrimental to their health. Then the therapist guides the patient through scrutiny of those emotions and beliefs that have led to such behaviors and negatively impacted his or her life. Once these are identified and the patient understands how they transformed into actions, the therapist and the patient work together to replace these negative behaviors with positive ones.

REBT was developed by the psychologist Albert Ellis in the 1950s and was continuously refined by him to become a successful modality of treatment. Today several practitioners specialize in REBT to treat individuals with addiction issues. Ellis started giving his clients specific achievable and calibrated steps for changing negative thoughts and behaviors to feel better about themselves.

Several reputed suboxone treatment clinics near me are using the benefits of REBT, which have transformed the lives of innumerable individuals. Suboxone doctors near me are using REBT alongside medication as a method of substance addiction recovery. The basic foundation of REBT entails efficient and healthy management of stress, rejection, grief, disappointments, and rejections so that one can focus on a holistic approach to wellbeing.

How does REBT work?

REBT starts with identifying the core negative, irrational beliefs of an individual, including dogmatism and absolutism, demand for outward praise, approval, or validation, inability to manage discomfort, catastrophizing trivial errors, and low tolerance to frustration. Ellis had developed the ABC model form dealing with these irrational beliefs, which has become the ABCDE model now. The acronym represents the steps the therapist takes the patient through to change his behavior and lead a positive life.

ABCDE Model –

A refers to Activating Events which are the incidents that trigger negative beliefs and emotions. They could be virtually anything from failure at work to rejection in a relationship or losing a loved one.

B stands for Beliefs, which are the thoughts and feelings stimulated by the activating events that result in the negative self assumption, low self-esteem, anger or guilt towards friends and family, or stress and depression.

C is for Emotional and Behavioural Consequences, which are the results of the beliefs. These include behavioral problems such as hostility towards loved ones, self-harm, stress eating, or in most cases, substance abuse.

D stands for Disputing Irrational Beliefs. This is the step that is used to tackle the emotional and behavioral consequences. Instead of falling into the cycle of low self-esteem and negative behaviors, this entails identifying the underlying beliefs of the implications and challenging them with contradictory rational evidence.

E refers to Effective New Thinking and Behaviours. By contradicting irrational beliefs with evidence of positive results and successful, positive behavior, an individual can bring about measurable changes in their mood, relationships, work habits, and life.

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Unconditional Acceptance –

Suboxone doctors near me help patients to eradicate negative thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors by introducing them to three forms of Unconditional acceptance.

Unconditional Self-Acceptance

This entails the acceptance of the fact that one is a fallible human being with pros and cons. One has both virtues and flaws, and the presence of both does not make one a good or a bad person.

Unconditional Other Acceptance

This refers to accepting the fact that sometimes others will mistreat one. There is no reason one must be fairly treated all the time. Ones who mistreat you are also humans with virtues and flaws, and they are worthy.

Unconditional Life Acceptance

Life always does not go as planned or seem to work out for one. There is absolutely no reason for life to always work out despite the effort put in. One cannot control all the life circumstances and accept that life is neither inherently good nor bad.

REBT and substance addiction recovery:

REBT can be efficiently applied to many forms of substance addiction treatment. An acclaimed Suboxone clinic near me uses this as an effective measure to change an individual’s behavioral patterns and tendencies, which leads to substance abuse. Since substance addiction is a highly individualized disease, REBT offers ample space for healthy inter-subjective exchange between the practicing therapist and the patient through which problematic tendencies can be dealt with.

Opioid treatment doctors near me are increasingly using REBT to treat their patients alongside other therapies like psychopharmacology, group therapy, multidimensional family therapy. Patients who are using medical remedies like sublocade shots may have trouble dealing with the medicine withdrawal. REBT is specifically helpful for such patients. The government and the relevant bodies are trying their best to bring the cost of anti-addiction drugs such as the sublocade price to benefit the people struggling with substance addiction issues. Meanwhile, REBT proves to be an exceptional therapeutic remedy for these brave fighters.

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