A Thorough Diagnosis that Improves the Success Rate of Treatment:

If you are suffering from opioid addiction, the first step towards your recovery would be to diagnose the problem and its severity. To be more precise, you will be required to identify your triggers, that is, your particular reasons for opioid dependence. It involves help from psychiatrists, psychologists, licensed alcohol or drug counselor, followed by urine and other lab tests from a clear understanding of your health.

Drug addiction treatment & recovery programs demand extremely thorough evaluation of the patient. Thus diagnosis, assessed by a medical or mental health professional, is critical before enrolling in a treatment program. Once you have undergone a formal assessment, you can start your recovery journey through a personalized ttreatment plan and work towards it for positive results.

What to expect from diagnosis?

Even though every individual is different and portrays different types of reactions, some basic common signs and symptoms generally exist in every individual suffering from addiction. If you are being diagnosed with drugs or opioid addiction, you can expect the following:

Why Be Diagnosed at Recovery Connection?

At Recovery Connection, we believe that drugs and substance addiction is not the cause of complications, rather their results. We understand where you are coming from and welcome you with our open arms without any judgment. We combine the latest advancements in modern medicine and state-of-the-art technology to identify and understand the deep-rooted problems that trigger drug dependence. Our diagnosis not only focuses on your physical situation but also pinpoints unresolved trauma, suffering, stress, or other co-occurring mental health disorders. Our dedicated and highly qualified medical experts, doctors, and therapists address these issues through effective counselling and guidance, leading to an easier recovery.

Diagnosis at Recovery Connection highlights:


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Happy Patients and Clients:

Our prolific services and medical attention have come to the assistance of patients all over the country. We have already treated several patients successfully who want to share their invaluable experience.

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