How to Help a Substance-Addicted Person?

The best way to help a substance-addicted person is by being a sober ally and not an enabler. Suppose he or she is reluctant to understand the perils of addiction and its consequences on their lives. In that case, you should hold an intervention, confront them regarding their addiction, and convince them to undergo drug addiction treatment. Following this, you might search for suboxone clinics near me or sublocade near me to identify the ideal medical facility and recovery service that your loved one needs.

Is Suboxone or Sublocade a controlled substance?

Yes. Both Suboxone and Sublocade are controlled substances. Suboxone is a Schedule III/IIIN controlled substance, whereas Sublocade is a Schedule III controlled substance. Both these drugs have high chances of misuse and pose a significant threat of dependence on continuous usage. Therefore, the USFDA has regulated the prescription and dispensing of such substances. According to the DEA, the physicians need to have special training and obtain licenses and certificates from the government to provide such drugs.

How are Suboxone and Sublocade administered?

Suboxone is a formulation combining Buprenorphine (a partial opioid agonist) and Naloxone (an opioid antagonist) that is generally available in the form of sublingual or buccal films and even strips. However, the efficacy of both has been found the same. These are taken once a day, according to the dosage prescribed by the Suboxone doctor. On the other hand, Sublocade is a subcutaneous, extended-release Buprenorphine injection that is administered once a month according to the dosage directed by the physician. Both these medications might be administered by the doctor initially and self-administered by the patient over time.

What is the cost of Suboxone and Sublocade?

The individual out-of-pocket pricing of both the branded forms of Buprenorphine-Suboxone and Sublocade is substantially more than their generic counterparts. But the presence of insurance and Medicare benefits help to provide subsidies and reduce these costs. While the average out-of-pocket cost of a monthly dosage of Sublocade hovers around 75 to 80 USD, the monthly retail price of Suboxone varies between 300 to 800 USD.


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