The Drug Abuse Screening Test, popularly known as DAST-10, is a 10-item screening tool. You can self-administer this test, or a clinician could administer it to ascertain the nature and degree of drug abuse. The entire questionnaire consists of 10 questions that invoke a binary response, in yes or no. This whole questionnaire can be completed in less than 8 minutes. The DAST-10 is a screening tool that determines drug use, exclusive of tobacco or alcohol, in the last 12 months.

DAST-10 Questionnaire:

I'm going to read you a series of questions about the information related to your potential involvement with drugs, excluding tobacco and alcohol, during the past 12 months. When the words "drug abuse" are mentioned, they mean using prescribed or over-the-counter drugs/medications over the physician's dosage required or directed. These words might also signify other non-medical use of drugs. The various classes of drugs include:

You should remember that the questions do not include alcohol or tobacco. If you have difficulty answering a specific question, choose the nearest response to the correct answer. You may choose to answer or you may decide against answering any of the questions in this section.

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